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February 7, 2012


Daily Panorama: Seasons #2 (or an exercise in failure!)

I’ve meant to experiment with printed images for panoramas for a while but haven’t had the opportunity. Generally my idea was to create a single long print (hopefully wrapping/tessellating), make it into a circular shape (like a zoetrope or a large lampshade) and to position my iPhone in the centre of the circle  of it (attached to a tripod or my wooden spoon) and rotate the camera to create a panorama.

Obviously there is a massive flaw to this concept for a still image as can be seen below. However, online on the Photosynth site, the panorama might work quite well interactively. Or so I hope.

Before I show it, I caveat – I didn’t print this image out – I just found it and decided to work with it. Plus, the image is actually a triptych and it was made of strong cardboard which folded at the edge of the three images. Given that it’s not a single landscape and it was strong cardboard, I didn’t see in any sense in trying to make a semi-circular shape with it.

So anyway, enough excuses? Here’s one I did earlier:

As you can see, with the obvious table edges it is hardly immersive.

Here’s how the panorama looks as a flattened image… ie – flat:


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  1. Bink
    Feb 8 2012

    It does feel very 3D on Photosynth, which is definitely not a fail, but as a flat image it is…very…flat. Is there any way of embedding the Photosynth version in the blog?

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