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February 23, 2012

Daily Panorama Breaking the Law

Firstly, an admittance of failure (#failz): The last few days’ posts were all taken at Karen and Pete’s house on Sunday. My whole pano-a-day-taken-on-the-day rule has been broken. This isn’t the first time either, darling.

So, I’m a rule bender and a breaker of promises and lord knows what else. But it’s only a blog I suppose eh?

Given that I wasn’t even able to annotate the previous few posts, I shall sum them up, in no logical order: Pete’s shelves of books; Pete collects metal clockwork toys; the young girl played the piano; the student prepped her photography ‘folio; the young boy examined the skulls; sheep skull, horse skull; the boy cleaned the dust from the clockwork toys; Pete sat with his foot up; Pete readjusted and fidgeted.

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