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April 13, 2012


Trapped in the closet…

And on a separate note…how have I never seen this before?

Trapped in the Closet

It’s possibly the most amazing thing set to video. R Kelly is some kind of crazyInsane genius (or I’m completely insane for thinking so). Too long to watch at work, but I recommend a viewing at home over the weekend. Just…brilliant.

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  1. Ken Jokol
    Apr 13 2012

    I have heard about this, but I don’t think I ever actually watched any. Prob due to the fact that R Kelly is not exactly my cup of tea, however, a recommendation from you might have piqued my interest.

    I might watch one or two this eve. Nuffink on the telly again.

  2. Apr 13 2012

    He doesn’t exactly do much for me either, but this…this is different. It’s just completely bonkers. Watch a few and see what you think…if you’re anything like me you’ll end up watching the lot.

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