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September 30, 2012


Daily Panorama Moscow State Circus @ Swansea

Circuses (Circusii??) ain’t so great without the animals are they?

Some good points, but generally a bit flat. Our eldest enjoyed so much he asked to play games on my iPhone after the interval.

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  1. Oct 1 2012

    We went to see a circus with Max a while back, and I agree, it was terrible. Believe it or not, it was actually a circus retelling of War and Peace. No, really. Circus performers aren’t known for being great actors, and it was borne out here, the story sections were appalling, boring and unintelligible, and it took up so much time that there was only a little bit of juggling, horse-riding and clowns falling over in between acts. Not really what you go to the circus to see. Ah well.

  2. admin
    Oct 1 2012

    Hold on – you had horses? And clowns?

    I think there was one bloke meant to be a clown in the story bits (as with you, there was some ‘attempt’ at pulling some form of narrative together which was a massive massive #fail) but he obviously hadn’t watched the series of instructional videos called ‘How to be a Clown Part’ or even used the internets.

    They show much much better stuff by better performers and far more engaging and challenging material at Glastonbury ever year. Effectively the performers are curated there, whereas here they’re just whatevers.

    Not to put a boo-boo on all of the performers btw – some were genuinely talented and great performers, but still no horses, etc.

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