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Trapped in the closet…

And on a separate note…how have I never seen this before?

Trapped in the Closet

It’s possibly the most amazing thing set to video. R Kelly is some kind of crazyInsane genius (or I’m completely insane for thinking so). Too long to watch at work, but I recommend a viewing at home over the weekend. Just…brilliant.


Mona Lisa and Lana Del Ray Jumbled (with PhotoSynth)

As you may or not be aware, I’m more than a little obsessed with high-end technology which can be used for evil lo-end/lo-fi output. So with a little work (and a distinct lack of skill, which I ooze) and an iPhone 3GS (okay, it’s not exactly high end given the advent of Stephen Hawking now being available in your phone) one can ‘break’ things just enough to get some alternative and (albeit to me) pleasing results.

As per usual, I’ve been fluffing around with PhotoSynth on the iPhone and this time I’ve been using it on a variety of 2D images on my laptop screen. The trick this time is not to be all accurate and precise with the movement and turning, but instead to just go a bit wild, grabbing what you can when you can. PhotoSynth will tell you ‘NO’ (with it’s red box of in inrecognition) but if you move around enough, it will latch on to some part of the image and go green so you can snap it quick.

Here then is Mona Lisa and Lana Del Ray jumblified humbly:

If anyone has any suggestions for images to jumblyfy then comment me up and then some.


Elvis the banana…

… has left the building. Uh hur hur.



Siri Update

As an update to this post about Siri voice unrecognition, you will be glad to know that the iOS 5.0.1 update (with better support for Australian English) has had a profoundly positive impact on said individuals interaction with Siri.

Just a caveat here: the person in question is not Australian and has never even been there.


Village with the fastest net connection in the Uk?

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Good Morning, Captain

Normally I’d do Hello World, but for a change I’m going to say Good Morning, Captain instead.

The 8-bit version which is very well done.