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Daily Panorama: Gardens, National Botanical Gardens, Wales

Contrary to my original concept of only publishing panoramas created on the day they were made, this was created yesterday. Yes, I’ve broken my only rule!

Given that today was a work day, albeit a lovely sunny day, I didn’t get the opportunity to capture anything. I’ve been experimenting with the Windows version of PhotoSynth instead and am very impressed with some of the outputs. More soon…

Anyway, this is from the National Botanical Gardens in Wales, with lovely light from the rare sun. This is a simple horizontal panorama, mostly due to speed but I think it’s enough.



Daily Panorama: Lower level of Dome, National Botanicsl Gardens of Wales, nr. Carmarthen

Didn’t exactly get much opportunity to keep still in the National Botanical Garden of Wales, but was actually able to fire off a couple of bouts of the iPhone Photosynth app today. Created a couple of fairly okay panoramas which I could have done a better job on with the luxury of time!

Anyway, the sun was out, air was cold and the punters were in while there was an antiques fair and especially while the entry is free (all January 2012).

This is a quick pano taken from the underground water bit in the dome at the gardens. To say it was busy down there while I had the camera out is a gross understatement.

Photosynth Panorama Online: