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Daily Panorama: Daisy’s Garden

For those of you who’ve seen my efforts so far, you’ll probably think that this is a little better than most and that’s because I was helped. As with all my other panoramas, I’m still doing it shaky hand-held on the iPhone and am moving around like a thin and wispy tree violently clinging on for life in the 100mph winds.

One piece of advice I received for doing panoramas hand-held (that I always aimed to follow but never seem to) was to have an anchor point below you so you know where to keep the camera. However, I generally drift for one reason or another. On this occasion though, I stood in the very centre of a garden circle and the result was a bit more successful. I should have cropped the bottom off though as it looks pretty weird.

Whatever, I like it. Maybe I should get myself a piece of circular paper which I could drop wherever I go to do panos. Might look a little silly tho’.