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Lego Despicable Me

Our son finally saw Despicable Me and seemed to really enjoy it, so for the heck of it I decided to make one of the little creatures. As you’ll see, my Lego skills are a tad basic. I could blame the selection of bricks yada yada but it’s just cos I is no Brunel.

Version 1 looked like this:


… followed by this later in the evening (I remembered the circular bit as I was putting away my son’s Ninjago bits):


Arms are courtesy of an episode 1 pod racer.

It’s not too bad really. I dread to search the web to see the better versions others have done…


The Year 2011 in Lego

The Guardian has curated some of the best from Flickr in order to show the year 2011 in Lego format.

I need a few more Lego bricks and characters methinks. Even still, I could never compete with some of these gifted Lego creations.

Guardian article and Flickr Gallery