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Daily Panorama: Thick Soup

Fog. Fog. Fog. John Carpenter’s The Fog. Fog.

Normally it’s always rain down here in Swansea, but for a change we were provided with a bizarre alternative of 3 days of virtually zero visibility on our side of Swansea. Over the hill and away from the sea it was 100% visibility as norm and they didn’t know what all the fuss was about.

Oh, we were excited to be surrounded in grey soup. I think our eldest would have actually enjoyed undead pirates spawning from within, but alas he had to make do with his family appearing and reappearing dressed as undead pirates instead.

On the sea front, Langland beach was our choice this time (yes, it always is), the fog/mist burnt off and left us with sun so hot you could burn your neck. And oh did we burn. And we’re still feeling it.

These panoramas illustrate the before and after, or more like the midway and end point. Previous posts illustrate the Big Soup soupiness. These are more like consomme and/or cawl.




Daily Panorama: The Creature from the Fog

This illustrates how thick the fog was!


UPDATE: Clicking on the above image now loads a larger version as requested. It’s not hi-res, but it’s better than the above by miles.