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Posts tagged ‘photosynth’


Daily Panorama: Christmas Candles Panoramas x 3

With the weather still grim and with the Christmas decorations due to come down this week, I have done some small panoramas (or photo stitches more like) of the candles on our dinner table. Most, if not all, of these are simply four image captures stitched together using trusty old Microsoft Photosynth on the iPhone 3GS.

I did however want to merge these images somehow to create a 3D/cubist style image, but I haven’t got my head around how to do it as yet.


Daily Panorama: Bracelet Bay, Mumbles Lighthouse from Castellamare on Stormy Day

Did this quick capture in the howling wind whilst trying to stop the kids from running away. Funny sort of day with all seasons represented (hail included) albeit consistently cold.

There really is amazing potential for some lovely panoramas around Bracelet Bay (near Mumbles, Swansea), probably better from behind Castellamare… Or better still on their roof!



Daily Panorama: In car, M5, nr. Weston super mare

Hurray, the first of 365!

Not really much you can capture as a panorama on the motorway in the tipping rain. I did attempt to fool Photosynth into trying to capture motorway road-based content, but it (understandably so) can’t do the job.

Although this isn’t a very quality capture by any means, I do like the three-hands Twix eating.



Photosynth with Tripod

I’ve been using Photosynth (my favourite M$ product) since about the day I got my hand-me-down iPhone 3GS a couple of months ago and I’m generally quite taken with the results it produces. It is certainly more impressive – primarily because of the ability to do vertical and horizontal axis – than Dermandar and I’m a bit of a sucker for the 3D/QTVR style interaction both on the iPhone and on the site too.

On a quiet day last week I finally got the opportunity to strap my iPhone to a tripod to do a panorama of a not terribly interesting location I’m afraid. The majorly borked section was too close to the iPhone and it just couldn’t resolve it. In general though, it’s worth pursuing the tripod option.

Here he be – Silverlight required.