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Daily Panorama (Equation) Geocaching – Wellies = Ruined Shoes

Say hello to the golfers at Clyne Golf Course

Great fun, but a little messier than it should have been. Our eldest nipper loved the reveal…. (no spoilers here mind).


Daily Panorama Adios Adain Avion

On the day that the plane moves on to it’s next destination, here is a panorama of the interior of the fuselage taken on Vetch Veg Friday, hence the tables full of vegetables.

It was a truly remarkable thing which I hope you got the opportunity to see. If not, I hope you have a decent excuse.



Daily Panorama Vetch Veg Invisible Shed

The boy is sitting in the shed, but the shed is invisible.


Daily Panorama Gnoll House @ Gnoll Park

Great park. Loads for kids. Loads to see. Acres of space.

Michael Winner


Brynmill Park #1


Daily Panorama Noah’s Yard in HD

Okay, it’s not HD, but it this was done on an iPhone 4GS. Someone else’s iPhone 4GS with a nice clean unscratched camera.

This was photographed in the back room downstairs in Noah’s Yard, Swansea. It was a great sunny evening – if a little cold – and the little uns wanted an ‘adventure’. The concept of visiting a pub to one of our little uns is possibly the most exciting (and adult) thing in the world to do. I don’t know how we feels about wine bars, but I was reluctant to tell him that he’d been short changed slightly.

Whatever, he had a real lemonade and lovely time smashing hitting the keys on the old typewriter. The smaller nipper loved the cwtch seat and her juice. The wife had a ginger beer.

And me? Peroni… mmmmm.



Wedding Eve at the Beach, Blackpill


Daily Panorama Singleton Park

What a glorious evening down in Singleton Park, Swansea. Had a lovely makeshift picnic with the family and did done running down the hill after one of the little uns.


Daily Panorama: Thick Soup

Fog. Fog. Fog. John Carpenter’s The Fog. Fog.

Normally it’s always rain down here in Swansea, but for a change we were provided with a bizarre alternative of 3 days of virtually zero visibility on our side of Swansea. Over the hill and away from the sea it was 100% visibility as norm and they didn’t know what all the fuss was about.

Oh, we were excited to be surrounded in grey soup. I think our eldest would have actually enjoyed undead pirates spawning from within, but alas he had to make do with his family appearing and reappearing dressed as undead pirates instead.

On the sea front, Langland beach was our choice this time (yes, it always is), the fog/mist burnt off and left us with sun so hot you could burn your neck. And oh did we burn. And we’re still feeling it.

These panoramas illustrate the before and after, or more like the midway and end point. Previous posts illustrate the Big Soup soupiness. These are more like consomme and/or cawl.




Daily Panorama: Langland, Rare Sunny Day in February

The weather today was lovely so we rushed down to the beach to enjoy this rarity. I might have been mistaken, but I actually felt the sun today too. Given my record I’m surprised I didn’t burn.

So, here we are enjoying the sun on a beach, maximum ten minutes from our house. See, there are perks to this Swansea lark after all.