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Daily Panorama Noah’s Yard in HD

Okay, it’s not HD, but it this was done on an iPhone 4GS. Someone else’s iPhone 4GS with a nice clean unscratched camera.

This was photographed in the back room downstairs in Noah’s Yard, Swansea. It was a great sunny evening – if a little cold – and the little uns wanted an ‘adventure’. The concept of visiting a pub to one of our little uns is possibly the most exciting (and adult) thing in the world to do. I don’t know how we feels about wine bars, but I was reluctant to tell him that he’d been short changed slightly.

Whatever, he had a real lemonade and lovely time smashing hitting the keys on the old typewriter. The smaller nipper loved the cwtch seat and her juice. The wife had a ginger beer.

And me? Peroni… mmmmm.