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April 13, 2012


Daily Panorama Ducks, Ducklings and a Vertical Panorama of Sorts

It’s probably not my place to say, but I really like this, probably because it’s different to all the other PhotoSyntharamas I’ve done.

It all began with some totally loveable ducklings which we were recommended by a family member yo not feed as we would ‘destroy the balance of nature’. These were ducklings in a theme park I might add.

So, following feeding, the ducklings returned to their mother and the balance was restored. They all then snuggled (read ‘cwtched’) up cosy like and I began my panorama. I didn’t originally intend a vertical pano, but it worked out that way.

View it in all freakiness here:

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1 Comment
  1. Bink
    Apr 14 2012

    Love the wraparound – it’s annoying that you can’t make PhotoSynth play vertically – it only (auto)spins horizontally, which doesn’t work so well!

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