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Why a Panorama-a-Day?

Dear Reader, before I answer the above question it might be better to ‘loosen’ the belt of the definition of the word ‘Panorama’.

Belt loosened, trousers falling down. Okay, now we can proceed.

The end of 2011 was fast approaching and through a large amount of the year I oft admired the daily photo postings on blogs around the web such as those of Swansea’s LiveLee. Inspired by these in general and feeling the need to have some control over my own willpower as well as forcing a little creativity on myself (I mean, I just never get time to do anything creative at all), I thought that I would do something for 2012.

The problem however, was what?

Even though I’m fairly creative in many ways, I’m not a skilled craftsman, painter, wooden spoon carver, ranger, illustrator or silver smither. However, just like everyone who has a ripped off copy of Adobe PhotoShop is automatically qualified as a graphic designer, everyone who has a camera is actually a photographer. Except, I don’t have a camera per se, but I do have a photo taking device (same diff?).

Plus, I have to do one post EVERY day!

So, I elected to use my first and recently acquired smartphone, a beaten up 2nd hand iPhone 3GS, along with an app which I really like called PhotoSynth. PhotoSynth basically creates panoramas and has a lovely interface for creating them. I’ve since learnt btw from an experienced ‘synther – shows my ignorance as per usual – that the panoramas created in PhotoSynth are not actually PhotoSynths at all. So, I have to remember not to call them PhotoSynths…

So, this is how I arrived at this creative decision. The final problem is the actual daily creative process and finding inspiring things to capture 365 days in a year whilst also doing the daily grind, putting the kids to bed and all the other things that life has to throw at you. Store them up you say? How dare you! No, it’s got to be daily and made on the day, even if it ends up being the inside of the fridge or the inside of a box.

UPDATE: How many boxes can I produce panoramas of? I’ve broken my rule and it’s only the 18th February 2012. Shameful!



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