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Daily Panorama: The Street Where the Tango Viral was Filmed (oh, and something called Torchwood)

On the way out of my friends house on Cambridge Street in the Uplands, Swansea, I was reminded just how steep the road is (especially given the amount of padding I had on in readiness for the current stint of cold weather) and what previously went on here.

Cambridge Street, as aforementioned, is pretty steep. It’s one of those hills you have to power walk up as quickly as possible or else it will finish you off with a wicked smile. Asides from it’s steepness, it is also easy to shut off with an adjoining road at the top and the same at the bottom with two parallel roads running either side of it, so there is no traffic issue (unless you live on the street of course).

Given all this it is good for locations filmy people because they don’t have to shut down the whole of Brynmill or the Uplands to film a couple of quick scenes. In fact, over the last few years it has been used as a location for a rather brilliant Sony Bravia spoofed Tango viral ad:

And, also in latest series of Torchwood which was entitled ‘Miracle Day‘.

So, anyway – my panorama doesn’t have the excitement of either of the rushes filmed here, but at least it proves that my PhotoSynth appears to be working again (I wasn’t pushing it too hard though). Hurray!



Music for Children

Given virtual 24-hour children’s television (CBeebies, CBBC) and the ubiquity of digital media available elsewhere in our house (DVDs, iPlayer, YouTube on the iPad/iPhones) it is often hard to get children to listen to music – or, to rephrase – listen to real music.

Are these days of parental influence gone? Personally, I’m glad my folks played The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and, best of all, the War of the Worlds soundtrack. Not so Manhattan Transfer.

I’ve decided to use a different approach to try to get my son into music which I like and has inspired me…. namely Playmobil figures singing Joy Division. We’ll see how it works.


Time Ducks

Frogger with animals what can control time.


‘Siri’ or ‘Now I Know How the Scottish Feel’

Sat listening to someone trying to get to grips with Siri on the Apple iPhone 4S. It started at making notes and dictation – with ultimate failure – and ended on trying to call a telephone number unsuccessfully.

It was pure frustration for me and the lucky new iPhone 4S user. Mind you, I say lucky….. We’ll see.