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April 22, 2012


Daily Panorama Waterfall at Penllegare Woods, Penllegare, Swansea

Well, what a place! Must say that I’m annoyed with myself that I haven’t been back to this place since I was a child. However, now I know how great it is and how brilliant it is for children, I will return oh Penllegare Woods.

Oh, and since when has been it been Penllegare and not Penllegaer? Or have I always been Welsh place name dyslexic?

View it interactively here:

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  1. Apr 23 2012

    Okay, forget the (admittedly lovely) landscape…has Katy invented some new kind of trouser fashion in that picture? She appears to have jeans on one leg, and some spotty number on the other.

  2. Apr 23 2012

    Ooh – super spotter! She’s been hanging out with the fashionistas again and it’s majorly rubbing off.

    (I’m actually loathe to reveal that it is child #2’s coat pattern which PhotoSynth has projected itself onto Katy’s leg).

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