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April 29, 2012


Daily Panorama Kitchen Envy

Note: I’ve got to be careful what I say about this kitchen as the owner of it might just be reading this… erk….

But seriously though, the only thing missing from this kitchen is Kevin McCloud doing his moving hand thingy and foaming at the mouth. It’s a lovely kitchen and indeed, so is the rest of the house.

Just before you think The Randwich has gone a little interiorsy, this is the kitchen of a great friend who we had a lovely weekend with. Okay, the weekend rain and wind was evil, but it was a pleasure spending time inside this house, all lovely and warm (read ‘uncomfortably hot’).

Many thanks to our hosts.

P.S. Is it just me, or does elements of the kitchen look slightly Kubrickian when flattened out like this?


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  1. Catherine
    Apr 30 2012

    Yes kubrickian. There is in fact an evil computer called HAL which constantly turns the heating down from its customary ‘earth’s core’ setting.

  2. Apr 30 2012

    Is that Cath’s place? Jinkers pinkers, I need enough brains to write a good book.

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