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May 10, 2012

Daily Panorama Monkey Puzzle Trees of Swansea #1 (an occasional series)

I’ve gotta be honest I do love a good project. Plus, I’m a collector. Plus, I like the idea of an occasional feature. Oh, and I quite like nature.

So, like Ash Catchem meeting Terry Wogan on Points of View whilst bird watching with the Tomato studio, I have taken it upon myself to document all (well, maybe I should be a little less ambitious) of the Monkey Puzzle trees in Swansea photographically or panoramically.

This all began because two local monkey puzzle trees were recently given massive haircuts (the one in Cwmdonkin Park and on Vivian Road in Sketty) and I fear for the others. Protect your local Monkey Puzzle trees people, wherever you may be.

Swanseaists: if anyone knows of any in the Swansea region, please comment below so I can grab them before the evil tree killer men get them.

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