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February 1, 2012

Daily Panorama: The View I Never See

I sit with my back to the window. Therefore, I often have to check to see if the Mumbles is still there and thankfully, unless it’s foggy, she is usually peeking out from the side of the bay jacuzzi.

Today, unless you hadn’t noticed us the 1st. So that means I have lasted a month, which (if you know me this will make sense) is amazing. Okay, the panoramas have largely been pretty erratic and anyone who knows panoramas might scoff at their quality, but currently I’m marking myself on willpower and continuation. Pat on the back.

I did have a biggie planned for yesterday but I was actually prohibited from displaying it. It will all come to light one day, but currently, you’ll have to breathe in and enjoy its ether.

Anyway, pinch punch here goes another month I hope.


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