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Daily Panorama: Panorama of a Panorama

Using PhotoSynth and digital technology very often feels like cheating. I am particularly reminded of this when I see something hand-made or creating using a rustic method which doesn’t afford the luxury of Apple-Z.

Whilst I rotate my wrist with an iPhone in order to capture a panorama – at no expense to myself – the olden days method using 35mm film was not only shot blind, but was potentially insanely expensive. David Hockney’s work in particular, although not strictly panoramas and more interested in pseudo Cubistesque representations, is still seen as the top end of the old style film method.

This is my favourite Hockney composite:


Fortunately Hockney’s bank balance must have been healthy, and his level of patience good for his work in this field. Pete on the other hand, had more limited resources and his work was more off the cuff. He described to me that he just decided to photograph his bike atop a Yorkshire peak with his 35mm camera and ended up rotating and snapping (and repeat). The photos were then developed and positioned. The result is brilliant and, returning to my original point, makes me feel
like a sham.

Pete, I applaud your patience:
On another note, Pete also mentioned that he considered doing a circular panorama with this. I think I’ll have to try a few (albeit using my digital crutches).


Daily Panorama: Donkey Park

A panorama taken from the very bottom of Cwmdonkin Park and from inside the playground.

Note, the pencil is not visible from this point. If you shift 5 steps to the left, you can see it…

Lucky weekend of sun. Spring has arrived surely?



Daily Panorama: Langland, Rare Sunny Day in February

The weather today was lovely so we rushed down to the beach to enjoy this rarity. I might have been mistaken, but I actually felt the sun today too. Given my record I’m surprised I didn’t burn.

So, here we are enjoying the sun on a beach, maximum ten minutes from our house. See, there are perks to this Swansea lark after all.



Daily Panorama: B&Q Glitch

I don’t think PhotoSynth could handle the areas of repetition here, plus I was probably moving about a little too much. Busy shop, power tools.

Anyway, generally good if you discount the large glitched area.



Daily Panorama: Night Moves



Daily Panorama: Hairdressing Salon

Ten minutes before I took this panorama, the salon was awash with hairdressers and their clients and a panorama then would have more resembled a blur.

Once the room had cleared and the environment and atmosphere completely changed, I pounced. The super bad (two words, not one) music was still blaring from the old skool hifi mind you. Just part if the furniture isn’t it?



Daily Panorama: The View I Never See

I sit with my back to the window. Therefore, I often have to check to see if the Mumbles is still there and thankfully, unless it’s foggy, she is usually peeking out from the side of the bay jacuzzi.

Today, unless you hadn’t noticed us the 1st. So that means I have lasted a month, which (if you know me this will make sense) is amazing. Okay, the panoramas have largely been pretty erratic and anyone who knows panoramas might scoff at their quality, but currently I’m marking myself on willpower and continuation. Pat on the back.

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Daily Panorama: While you are away

Dear Joe,

While you’re away I’ve broken in and done a quick panorama in your living room. I hope you don’t mind.

Message ends.



Daily Panorama: Passenger View of Plane

There is something a bit eerie about an empty plane or train isn’t there?

This panorama was taken in Photosynth in a quiet airplane training room. I couldn’t find the tea trolley.


Daily Panorama: Gardens, National Botanical Gardens, Wales

Contrary to my original concept of only publishing panoramas created on the day they were made, this was created yesterday. Yes, I’ve broken my only rule!

Given that today was a work day, albeit a lovely sunny day, I didn’t get the opportunity to capture anything. I’ve been experimenting with the Windows version of PhotoSynth instead and am very impressed with some of the outputs. More soon…

Anyway, this is from the National Botanical Gardens in Wales, with lovely light from the rare sun. This is a simple horizontal panorama, mostly due to speed but I think it’s enough.