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February 8, 2012


Tilt-Shift Swansea: A Collection

CC Attribution: matthewgriff (EmmGee) on Flickr

It’s all Binky‘s fault. He told me about tilt-shift(ing) and has got me a little obsessed. Previously, I had just known it as miniaturisation because my wife’s camera calls it thus and I wasn’t aware of it’s vastness online. People have basically photographed mini-tilt-shift-cities, football pitches and have basically made the whole world look like Thomas the Tank Engine should chug past any minute.

Given my excitement at the concept, I had to see what people had done of our fine city. Binky: I challenge thee to do the same for Lewes. Given that Flickr is the photo legend of old web land, I turned there first and come up with some varying qualities of stuff… However, I quickly noticed how few (er… 1!) of the Swansea tilt-shifters were willing to open up to the world of Creative Commons, so you get a slightly less visual treat I’m afraid.

Update: Stephanie Rutt has given us permission to use an image of her lovely tilt-shift of Swansea. See number 7 below.
Update #2: Jason Stanley has also given permission to use his image (#5). Many thanks.

So, The Randwich presents the miniaturised-tilt-shift world of Swansea….

Swansea in Miniature Tilt-Shift Format

1. It would be unfair not to start with the only creative commons licensed image in the bunch. Props to you Matthew Griffiths for little people stuck on a piece of white plastic which is intended to look like some people ice skating in Swansea’s Winter Wonderland:

CC Attribution: matthewgriff (EmmGee) on Flickr

Image: matthewgriff (EmmGee) on Flickr

2. This model of Swansea Marina looks lovely with all the plastic boats and a bit of lino to look like water.

3. How quaint! Hannah Frost has created a model of the usual traffic jam which runs along the Mumbles Road virtually all day.

4. Always on the top list of Swansea attractions – almost as popular as Joe’s Ice Cream – is Constitution Hill.

5. This little model by Jason Stanley must be fairly new as it has Swansea’s new city centre road layout inspired by the bendy buses:

Jason Stanley's Tilt-Shift of the new Swansea Bus Layout

Image reproduced (cropped) by kind permission from

6. Away from the usual Flickr lot, Mario Garcia has produced a lovely Oystermouth, Mumbles scene where one car is waiting for another to pull out at the Ostreme Centre. A little less convincing, but nice nonetheless.

7. Finally, Stephanie Rutt steals the show for me with her model of a view imagined from the Meridian Tower. Plus, Stephanie has written about it too on her blog:

Tilt Shift of Swansea by Stephanie Rutt (

Image reproduced by kind permission from

Okay, I could have forced ten to make it a nice round number, but these – of those that I’ve seen – are the pick of the bunch for Swansea. If anyone has any suggestions for better or some to be included on this list, then leave a comment as per usual.

  1. Feb 8 2012

    Oooh, I’ll have to have a look. I need to go find a high place to do a proper tilt-shift, too. It’d be lovely with all this snow and stuff. Maybe up the castle…

  2. Feb 8 2012

    Thank you for your lovely comments. The tower is a great place for this type of picture. I’d love to try some more of these in the future as I was really pleased with the results.

  3. admin
    Feb 8 2012

    Hi Steph,

    It’s definitely something I’m going to try if I get the opportunity as I haven’t as yet. As I was writing this post I began clocking up a list of all the vantage points in Swansea where I might get a suitable position for a decent tilt-shift. I also think that Pant-y-Celyn Road in Townhill might be a good spot to work from too. You’ve all provided me with inspiration – many thanks.

    By the way – thanks again for letting us use the picture!

  4. Feb 8 2012

    Hey! I have no problem with you posting my photo up on this list at all. Just impressed that you found my photo! My tags must be working 🙂

    • admin
      Feb 9 2012

      Thanks Jason. I’ll take you up on that offer thanks!

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