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CC Attribution: matthewgriff (EmmGee) on Flickr

Tilt-Shift Swansea: A Collection

It’s all Binky‘s fault. He told me about tilt-shift(ing) and has got me a little obsessed. Previously, I had just known it as miniaturisation because my wife’s camera calls it thus and I wasn’t aware of it’s vastness online. People have basically photographed mini-tilt-shift-cities, football pitches and have basically made the whole world look like Thomas the Tank Engine should chug past any minute.

Given my excitement at the concept, I had to see what people had done of our fine city. Binky: I challenge thee to do the same for Lewes. Given that Flickr is the photo legend of old web land, I turned there first and come up with some varying qualities of stuff… However, I quickly noticed how few (er… 1!) of the Swansea tilt-shifters were willing to open up to the world of Creative Commons, so you get a slightly less visual treat I’m afraid.

Update: Stephanie Rutt has given us permission to use an image of her lovely tilt-shift of Swansea. See number 7 below.
Update #2: Jason Stanley has also given permission to use his image (#5). Many thanks.

So, The Randwich presents the miniaturised-tilt-shift world of Swansea….

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Photosynth with Tripod

I’ve been using Photosynth (my favourite M$ product) since about the day I got my hand-me-down iPhone 3GS a couple of months ago and I’m generally quite taken with the results it produces. It is certainly more impressive – primarily because of the ability to do vertical and horizontal axis – than Dermandar and I’m a bit of a sucker for the 3D/QTVR style interaction both on the iPhone and on the site too.

On a quiet day last week I finally got the opportunity to strap my iPhone to a tripod to do a panorama of a not terribly interesting location I’m afraid. The majorly borked section was too close to the iPhone and it just couldn’t resolve it. In general though, it’s worth pursuing the tripod option.

Here he be – Silverlight required.